Gothic Clothing and Gothic Costumes

Steampunk Corset

On The Goth Code, you may find a wide range of underbust and overbust corsets, in which you get the combination of Victorian and modern styles. The origin of these costumes can be traced back to the era of Queen Victoria, but you can also find the influence of science fiction films of the present scenario.

We have a wide variety of corsets, which can be categorized in various types. Majorly, we can classify the corsets into Victorian style corsets, steampunk science fiction corsets, modern style steampunk corsets and gothic style steampunk corsets.

Steampunk Corset

  • Victorian Style Corsets: The Victorian style corsets are influenced form the Victorian Era, but the impact of the films can also be witnessed on them. A number of films have been composed, in which the scenario is set in the Victorian Era. The events of all the steampunk films are set in the Victorian Period. The influence of such films can be perfectly seen on these corsets. Marquess Underbust Corset II, Marquess Underbust Corset and Sister Ledwidge Overbust Corset are some of the examples of the Victorian Style Corsets.

  • Steampunk Science Fiction Style Corsets: The steampunk movies are basically the science fiction films, whose scenarios are set in the Victorian Age. All the technologies of these films run through the steam power. Some of the steampunk corsets are designed taking inspiration from the science fiction of the films. Captain of the Skies Overbust Corset is one of the dresses, which are inspired by science fiction.

  • Gothic Style Corsets: A number of corsets can be seen influenced from the styles of the gothic subculture. This subculture believes in ghosts, vampires and the horrific capabilities of science and technologies. On the other hand, this subculture reflects the dark traits of humanity and industrialization. So, most of the gothic costumes are available in dark colors. You can find this gothic impact in some of the steampunk dresses also. Some of the influence has been taken from gothic movies.

  • Modern Style Corsets: In these corsets, you can find a lot of touch of the modern dressing styles. The influence of a number of the modern age fashions can be seen in some of our corsets. On the other hand, internet also plays a major role in providing the innovation to these dresses. Because of this, a new genre has come in the limelight, which we know as cyberpunk.

  • Other influences: Apart from the abovementioned ones, a lot more influences can be seen on these dresses. Some of the influences are taken from the historical genres. For instance, medieval and renaissance clothing has a wide impact on the steampunk dresses. These are the age-old fashion trends influencing punk. On the other hand, some other subculture like Lolita and hippie are also providing the stuff to these dresses. So, this trend is getting more and more enriched with the passage of time. Some other innovations in this respect can be witnessed in the coming scenario.