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Skirts & Pants

Our range of skirts & pants in steampunk style will take you to the altered version of Victorian Age. But, the modern influence can be best witnessed on many of these dresses. For instance, the short skirts were not worn by the women during Victorian era, but you can find Steampunk Short Skirt on this steampunk clothing portal. This skirt can be worn in the casual parties also apart from the steampunk themed events. On the other hand, we also have the full length skirts in Victorian as well as modern steampunk styles. Step In Time Full Length Ruffle Skirt, Vanessa Fitted Skirt and Victorian Skirt etc. are some of the best examples in this regard. On the other hand, we also provide the medium sized skirts such as The Whitefield Skirt. Moreover, we also have the pants, which have especially designed for the present day women. The “1880’s Picnic Trouser” is the perfect example of the Victorian / Steampunk pants. You may also find bustle on this page, like “Lady of the Manor Bustle”.

Besides, these dresses can also be categorized in Victorian and Steampunk skirts. However, Victorian Skirts automatically come under the punk styles, but we can mark them differently in terms of conventionality. The skirts named Victorian Skirt, The Duggin Frilly Skirt, Sister Ledwidge Skirt, Duchess Judith Skirt and Brocade Dinner Skirt etc. are some of the perfect Victorian style outfits. On the other hand, Steampunk Short Skirt, Lady of the Manor Skirt, Mary Kingsley’s Safari Skirt and 1880’s Picnic Trouser are some of the costumes in the punk style.

Steampunk Skirts & Pants

Steampunk is one of the great subculture of today, which is based on the Victorian concepts. Victorian model of futuristic steam technology is reflected perfectly in this science fiction subculture. The steampunk dresses are the ideal fashion statements today, which are the perfect blend of Victorian and Hollywood styles. The styles of steampunk films are added to the Victorian dresses, which make them the excellent wardrobes to be worn in various parties as well as themed events. We offer a wide range of these dresses at The Goth Code. You can see the steampunk skirts & pants on this page, which prove to be your perfect fashion partner in parties and festivals.

A number of skirts and trousers are designed taking the inspiration for other trend also. For instance, the addition of gothic and Lolita trends can be seen in many of these outfits. Moreover, the innovation of our designers can also be perfectly witnessed on these dresses. They are perfect to wear in the themed events like steampunk festivals as well as some causal parties also.

All the costumes are available with wonderful fabric. Moreover, we keep on updating our list according to the changing demands of the people. So, you can acquire the latest trends from this site, without any trouble.