Gothic Clothing and Gothic Costumes

Harness & Shrugs

There is no doubt that harness and shrugs are the perfect add-on that adds more charisma to your clothing. Beside, the interest is enhanced a lot when you come to know that these outfits are designed in the steampunk style. We at The Goth Code provide a wide variety of steampunk harness and shrugs for women. These dresses render you the feel of the Victorian Era, but with some modifications. Apart from the harness and shrugs, we also provide the excellent quality jackets to the visitors.

You can see a perfect blend of Victorian and modern styles in these costumes, added by a number of expert designers. On the other hand, various Hollywood science fiction films also provide the stuff to these dresses. The scenarios of these films are set in the Victorian Era. These films are named as steampunk because of the extensive use of steam technologies in these films. The characters of these films are the prominent sources, which add the innovations to these dresses. Moreover, several designers use their creative expressions by designing the new dresses on the bases of the science fiction themes of steampunk movies.