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Complete Ensembles

The ensembles from our steampunk collections comprise of Victorian Influence. Victorian Age was the era of industrialization. So, these dresses of the Victorian Era prove to be perfect fashion statements for the people. On the other hand, a huge addition of science fiction trends can also be witnessed in many of these dresses. Besides, modern and gothic dressing styles are also blended to some of these steampunk ensembles. Some perfect examples of the Victorian style dresses include Brocade Dinner Dress and Duchess Judith 2-pc Ensemble. On the other hand, Abegale Dieselpunk 2-pc Ensemble and Captain of the Skies 2-pc Ensemble etc. are some of science fiction styled steampunk dresses. We have the perfect combination of two or more dresses in these ensembles.

Complete Steampunk Ensembles & Dresses

The Goth Code offers complete ensembles in steampunk style, which comprise of a wide variety of costumes such as shirts, blouses, skirts and trousers etc. Steampunk is a science fiction genre, which commenced with the novels of Victorian authors such as H.G. Wells and Jules Verne. In the modern times, a number of films have also been composed on the novels of these authors. On the other hand, various new plots have also been written on the basis of punk concept.

Blouse and Skirt: We offer this combination for the blouse and skirts to be worn in the themed events. Brocade Dinner Dress is the set of costumes, in which you find the full length skirt. Besides, Abegale Dieselpunk 2-pc Ensemble comprises of the medium sized skirt and is ideal for the steampunk science fiction lovers. However, Short skirt was not supposed to be good in the Victorian age, but you find it here with the combination of Victorian and science fiction styles. Moire 2-pc Ensemble is a perfect instance, in which you can find Steampunk Short Skirt.

Corsets and Skirts: This is another wonderful combination of Victorian/Steampunk Costumes at The Goth Code. Captain of The Skies 2-pc Ensemble is one of the ensembles with such combination. In this ensemble, you can find the corset with full length skirt. On the other hand, if you want to acquire the corset with short skirt, then “Steampunk Captain of The Skies 2-pc Ensemble” can be purchased from this website.

Shrug, Corset, Skirt and Blouse: This is a four piece combination, which provides you the perfect style for the parties. Countess 4-pc Ensemble is one of the costumes that you can buy.

Blouse and Trouser: Wearing pants or trouser by ladies was not supposed to be a decent practice in the Victorian Era. But, in the recent times, it has been recognized as an excellent and comfortable dress for the ladies was well. Our collection of dresses includes 1800’s Picnic 2-pc Ensemble, in which you find the pair of blouse or trouser.

Blouse, Corset, Bustle and Skirt: This is another 4 piece ensemble from our collection. Lady of the Manor 4 pc Ensemble is one of the perfect instances in this regard.

Apart from the abovementioned one, we have many other combinations also, which you can obtain. You also have the option to buy the single piece dress such as “The Tempest’s Dress”.