Gothic Clothing and Gothic Costumes

Robes, Cloaks & Smock

There is no doubt that the outfits like robes, cloaks and smocks are one of the best choices if you are willing to acquire the medieval style makeover. These wardrobes provide a unique style to the people, and they can be worn in themed events as well as the parties on the contemporary themes.

We at have a wide range of these unique outfits for men and women in myriad of colors. These dresses give the style of distinct communities of the medieval and renaissance eras such as royals and monks. Moreover, you can also get some of the single smocks or robes in distinct colors.

Beautiful embroidery in the medieval style can be seen at the flower embroidery Smock, which is available in the simple and sober color. On the other hand, Hermit Sleeves Cloak provides the touch of the medieval warriors. Hooded Cotton Cloak is soft and comfortable and is available in astonishing white color along with a hood. Manteau Cloak and Medieval Cloak (Reversible) are the two luxurious cloaks to be worn on the special occasions. Moreover, you can also find the perfect royal look in Silk Medieval Smock and the Regency Robe. The Regency Robe can be found in a number of beautiful colors such as camel, fuchsia, grey, blue and jade. On the other hand, Midnight Fantasy Cloak takes you to the world of fantasy. It is also available in colors like black, blue, camel, grey, fuchsia and jade.

Moreover, we also have some unique style outfits of different communities of the citizens such as monks and rural workers. Monk’s Robe and Surrey Medieval Smock are the two wonderful style smocks, which provide the styles of the abovementioned two communities respectively. In addition, we also offer the Long Medieval Tunic, which perfectly matches the styles of 12th to 14th century.

All these cloaks, smocks, robes and tunics are made from fine and durable fabric. Velvet, linen, cotton, viscose and many other fabrics are used in making these outfits.