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Renaissance Chemises

Renaissance Age was the era of flamboyance and various new patterns of clothing came in the limelight during that period. A number of communities were in the picture during that period, who had their distinct lifestyles. Clothing styles of all those communities have become the fashion statements in the recent times. The renaissance chemises are one of the famous costumes, which are popular in the present scenario. We offer a wide range of these chemises at The chemises are available in plain white color as well as many other shades. Moreover, we also provide the headcaps to be worn with the chemises.

White Colored Chemises: A wide range of white colored chemises are available on this site, in different sizes. If you are interested in the short size dresses, then Classic Short Chemise, Classic Short Chemise (Linen), Renaissance Short Chemise and Renaissance Short Chemise (Linen) are the perfect options for you. Besides, the floor length chemises can also be obtained from this site. Celtic Decorated Chemise is floor length clothing with durable and wonderful looking fabric. Various medium sized chemises can also be acquired, such as Medieval Chemise.

Colorful Chemise: The colorful substitutes of chemises are also available here on this site. Brown Chemise is excellent floor-length clothing available that gives the style of the peasant ladies of the medieval era. Black Chemise is another wonderful looking outfit. Gloriana Chemise is another excellent outfit, with brilliant clothing is sweet and sober red color. Moreover, colored version of Renaissance Chemise and Classic Chemise are available in yellow and maroon colors respectively.

Chemise Headcaps: The chemises look very beautiful the headcaps. You can also find the headcap on this page to wear with your chemise. This headcap enhances the luster of your chemise, and gives you a perfect medieval style.

These chemises definitely provide the perfect medieval and renaissance styles to the women, and they are perfect for the themed events such as renaissance festivals.