Gothic Clothing and Gothic Costumes

Pirate Coats & Vests

Medieval pirates are undoubtedly the source of great enthusiasm for the people, and their clothing styles still allure the people of the recent times also. We at The Goth Code have the pirate coats & vests inspired by the styles of a number of famous freebooters of the medieval era. Blackbeard Coat, the coat resembling the style of the famous pirate Blackbeard, is an ideal pirate coat for the themed events. Besides, Captain Benjamin Coat, Captain Benjamin Vest, Captain De Lisle Coat, Captain La Sage Coat and many other freebooters’ dresses are also available here, which can be worn in various parties apart from the themed events.

Apart from the abovementioned flamboyant pirate dresses, you can also find the costumes of other communities of the medieval and renaissance age. For instance, you can buy Golden Noble Vest for getting the styles of the nobles, the high ranked officers of the medieval era. Similarly, combination of styles of distinct communities can be found in the Medieval Vest. Renaissance Doublet is perfect for the people, who want to look like the perfect Renaissance man. Spanish Doublet is also  unique outfits for the Spanish wardrobe lovers of the medieval era.

These astonishing style dresses travel you back to the medieval and renaissance age, plus they are made using the modern innovations. Moreover, all of them are available with durable fabrics and the wonderful luster. Most of the pirate coats and vests are in the black and red colors as the freebooters would like to wear the dark colored dresses. On the other hand, golden and yellow colors can be seen in the other outfits. All the dresses can be acquired in distinct sizes such as small, medium, large and X-large. All these coats and vests can perfectly go with distinct types of pants and jeans, but they will look perfect with medieval and renaissance style pants.