Gothic Clothing and Gothic Costumes

Male Garb Sets

The combination of pirate or medieval costumes really provides a unique luster to the style of men. We offer medieval male garb sets with brilliant combinations of distinct pieces of clothing. Most of our male garb sets have the combination of shirts and pants. Besides, beautiful scarves are also offered under some of the sets. A number of wardrobes of distinct styles of the medieval era along with the modern innovations can also be obtained from this website.

European Medieval Set consists of the dresses with the perfect blend of styles of commoners and pirates. It consists of European Medieval Shirt and European Medieval Pants. The color combination of black and red really looks astonishing if you acquire this set. On the other hand, Grace O’Malley Set is the male version of the style of a famous female freebooter of history, Grace O’Malley. This set consists of Grace O’Malley Shirt, Patiala Pants and a wonderful looking small skull scarf. Charles Vane Set is another garb set with pirate skull scarf. Besides, the wearers find Captain Charles Vane Shirt and Harem Pants under this set. Moreover, John Cook Set II can also be acquired in order to find the skull scarf with costumes like John Cook Shirt and Captain Cottuy Pants.

John Rackham Set is another perfect option for the people, who are willing to acquire the style of the popular pirates of history. This set is named after the famous raider John Rackham, popularly known as Calico Jack. Besides, there are some more perfect combinations of shirt and pants, such as John Cook Set and Patrickson Set.

On the other hand, we also have set, in which you also find and excellent looking bandana / sash, such as David Harriot Shirt. Captain Cottuy Pants and Bandana / Sash are the wardrobes available under this garb set.