Gothic Clothing and Gothic Costumes

Female Garb Sets

Medieval attires for females available now in the complete set of readymade combination at We have the female garb sets resembling the styles of medieval and renaissance eras, and have the pirate style combinations with a wide variety. The combinations available here comprise of two or three pieces of clothing.

Blouse, Skirt and Bandana / Sash: We have a wide range of garb sets with this fantastic combination. Barbarossa Set, Medieval Ladgerda Set, McGreedy Set, McGreedy Set II and McGreedy Set III are the sets, in which you can find blouse, skirt and bandana together. Barbarossa Blouse, McGreedy Blouse and Ladgerda Blouse are the blouses that are available under these combinations. On the other hand, the skirts available under them include Grace O’Malley Skirt and Ashaki Skirt.

Blouse and Skirt: This is the combination similar to the abovementioned one, but the bandana / sash is missing. It also provides the wonderful makeover to the ladies. Barbarossa Set II and Hetha Set are the two garb sets, under which these two pieces of clothing are available together. The two sets comprise of the blouses named after the set, i.e., Barbarossa Blouse and Hetha Blouse respectively. Besides, Ashaki Skirt is available under both of them.

Shirt, Pants and Scarf: This is another unique combination, under which you can get the shirt and pants for females along with a beautiful scarf. Grace O’Malley, the set named after a famous female pirate of history, provides you this combination with Grace O’Malley Blouse, Patiala Pants and a large skull scarf.

Blouse, Pants and Shirt: This is again a beautiful style for the cute women, in which blouse and shirt is available together along with the pants. Killigrew Set is one such wonderful combination, which renders Lady Killigrew Blouse, Patiala Pants and Captain Charles Vane Shirt (in cotton).  Mary Read Set, the set named after the famous female freebooter Mary Read, is another example, in which you find Mary Read Blouse, Roberto Cofresi Shirt and Harem Pants.

Blouse, Shirt and Skirt: This combination is identical to the above mentioned one, except the pants have been replaced with the skirt. Mary Read Set II  provides these wardrobes together, which include Mary Read Blouse, Cofresi Skirt and Ashaki Skirt.

Blouse, Skirt and Belt: A wonderful belt is also added with blouse and skirt in this wonderful garb set. Ladgerda Set (not to be confused with ‘Medieval Ladgerda Set’), is one such confluence with Ladgerda Blouse, Ashaki Skirt and Silver Coin Waist Belt.

Blouse, Skirt and Bodice: This will be the perfect option if you are willing to acquire bodice also with blouse and skirt. Noble Bodice Set, the set reflecting the styles of the high ranked officers of the medieval/renaissance times, is the perfect example, in which you find McGreedy Blouse, Ashaki Blouse and Reversible Renaissance Noble Bodice.

Blouse, Pants, Bandana / Sash: This is again a set, in which you find the bandana / sash. Unlike other such sets, you find pants in place of skirt. You can get Wisna Set in order to acquire such combination. Wisna Blouse, Patiala Pants and Bandana / Sash are the dresses, which you find under Wisna Set.