Gothic Clothing and Gothic Costumes

Boys Sizes

Are you wandering for the medieval style dresses for you little princes also? You are welcome at this page of, where you can find a number of kids sized dresses. You can get the medieval clothing, especially the pirate dresses for your kids, which can make them your perfect partner at the time of going to the themed events such as renaissance festival and pirate festival.

Kids Captain Bridge Coat and Kids Captain Bridge Vests are two brilliant quality pirate dresses, which can not only be put on in the themed events, but are also wonderful for the casual parties. A complete touch of medieval styles can be found in this dress. Besides, the pirate shirts and pants, which include Kids Pirate Morgan Pants, Kids Pirate Kennit Pants, Kids Stede Pirate Shirt and Kids Cutler Pirate Shirt (both half-sleeves and full-sleeves), can also be acquired from this page.

Moreover, the kids’ outfits in the warrior styles can also be found available here. Kids Musketeer Tabard and Kids Raging Lions Tunic are some perfect instances of the dresses of the medieval warriors, which kids can find from this site. On the other hand, Kids Tristan Padded Shirt is perfect for giving the royal styles to the children. Bandana / Sash enhances the beauty of medieval costumes, and you can obtain them also in the kids’ sizes from this website. It is also available in distinct colors, such as red, black, bottle green, chocolate, cobalt blue and golden yellow.

All these dresses give the perfect medieval style to your small kids. All the above mentioned outfits are available in the adult sizes also on the other pages of this site.